Bridget Riley In The Sky With Diabetes

Country: UK
Duration: 5 mins
Sound: Sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


Part 3 of Videohigh:
“Videohigh definitely has the edge compared to other so called ambient/rave video tapes. Tasteful colours and an unhurried intelligent feel… rarely has nature been tampered with and come out looking so good.” – Jim McClellan (The Face magazine)
“On the shores of Lake Geneva, video, computer and sound artists from all around the world gathered together to spend a month creating a new kind of visual programme. Videohigh is the result of that creative meeting. Present were Dim Sum Jim, Shulgin, Cabellos, Paul of India, George Barber, Dr A. Bode, Pascal Gabriel, the Music for Life Orchestra and Rex Brough.” – George Barber.
Parts 1- 5 of Videohigh are also available separately as:
1 – Planet Stoned 1994, 5 mins, video
2 – DMT Diving 1993, 5 mins, video
3 – Bridget Riley In the Sky with Diabetes 1994, 5 mins, video
4 – Piccadilly Rush 1994, 5 mins, video
5 – Runic Tunic 1994, 3 mins, video

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