Country: UK
Duration: 7 mins
|32 Seconds
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 5:4
Available Format/s: DCP / HD Digital File


In meteorology, the aureole is an atmospheric, optical phenomenon; the visible inner disc of a corona, produced by the diffraction of light from the sun or the moon, bright starlight or planet-light.

‘Aureole’ brings together unused celestial images from Scott’s earlier film, ‘Diviner’ (2017), with vocoder-readings from Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ (1969), scored by Chu-Li Shewring’s remix of the House track ‘Brighter Days’ (1992) by Cajmere featuring Dajae. ‘Aureole’ is a transition between a lost chapter from ‘Diviner’ and ‘Wendy’ (2022, forthcoming), a film fan-letter to composer Wendy Carlos, whose many interests include solar eclipse photography. Accelerating to a euphoric end, the film is the duration of the longest total solar eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun.

‘You will witness the day become near-night, like the deepest twilight. Sunset colors bathe the full horizon, while a gaping black hole gazes down at you from the inky sky, eye-like and surreal, surrounded by the solar corona, a halo of pearly ephemeral light of delicate beauty. Each time the corona looks quite different, and like an old friend’s face you’ll recognize each in photographs.’

Wendy Carlos (

‘Aureole’ is accompanied by writing ‘Winter is a planet’ by Dave Tompkins, available as a downloadable PDF on the MattFlix website: read here.

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