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Another Decade

Morgan Quaintance

United Kingdom, 2018
26 minutes, 50 seconds, Colour, Stereo
Original format: SD video, 16mm
Available formats: HD digital

Another Decade combines archive footage from the 1990s with newly shot 16mm film and standard definition video. Starting from testimonies and statements made by artists and art historians during the 1994 INIVA conference ‘Towards a New Internationalism’, ‘Another Decade’ ranges across diverse cultural territory, and is propelled by a sense that very little socio- cultural or institutional change has taken place in the United Kingdom since that time.The dynamic tension explored in the work is between, on the one hand, art world actors speaking a truth to institutional power and, on the other, lived realities of London’s multiracial citizenry. Those who necessarily inhabit a centre of otherness.