Absence of Satan

Country: UK
Duration: 4 mins
|50 Seconds
Sound: sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


Absence of Satan - George Barber
Absence of Satan - George Barber

A beautiful woman screams at something unseen off camera. Paul Newman appears eating salad and soon the famous sequence of Paul Newman closing a car door cut with a helicopter takes place. Absence of Satan is probably one of George Barbers best Scratch works and is a deft reworking of cinematic narrative and cliché . George Barber is one of the pioneers of Scratch Video which emerged in the UK during the mid-1980s . Scratch video makes use of found images from films and television, cutting seemingly incongruous imagery together to make a new meaning; it has been compared to the record-scratching techniques of hip-hop music, hence the name.

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