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Times For

Stephen Dwoskin

UK, 1971
80 minutes, Colour, sound
Available formats: 16mm

‘The film is a study of four women’s vulnerable selves (and one man’s) as directed by the filmmaker. In that sense, Warhol and Dwoskin are at opposite poles: Warhol allows the person to be himself (including acting like himself, his visions, his fantasies…). Dwoskin allows, through suggestion in the shooting process and through tight editing, his own vision to come through. But because of the choices he makes, because of his relatively open way of filming, because of his reliance on poetic, intuitive impulse, and because of his sensitivity towards those whom he his filming, his vision of the subjects of his film, and their real selves, may coincide.’ – Peter Gidal
‘An original and solid work of erotic cinema’ – Jonas Mekas
With Verity Bargate, Maurice Colbourne, Carmel Court, Sally Gidal, Carolee Schneeman.