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Margaret Salmon

3 minutes, 38 seconds
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Fireman follows the actions of a Hispanic fireman in NY state to responding to a “call”. Over the course of approximately four minutes we are given a snapshot of a fireman’s daily routine. He puts on his gear, gets into the fire engine, and we see him disappearing into the thick smoke of a burning building, from which he re-emerges. It is the ordinariness of his actions that determines the work and the fireman represents another male stereotype.

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Within the course of his movements there is a brief rupture within the cinematic sense of the story, alluding to an awareness of the filmic process as well as his own fragile space within time and history.

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Shot in brightly coloured 16mm Ektachrome film without sound, Fireman recreates the nostalgia of amateur films from previous decades.