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Stephen Dwoskin

UK, 1968
13 minutes, Colour, Opt.
Available formats: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
Still from Moment

With Tina Fraser. One single continuous shot of a girl’s face before, during and after an orgasm. A concentration on the subtle changes within the face – going from an objective look into a subjective one and then back out …. MOMENT is not a woman alone, but with her “in person.” Have you ever really watched the face in orgasm? – S.D.
MOMENT presents a continuous, fixed gaze by the camera at a girls face. The fixity , although paralleling the spectators position, nevertheless marks itself off as different from our view because it refuses the complex system of cuts, movements, invisible transitions etc. which classic cinema developed to capture our subjectivity and absorb it into the filmic text.
In this way, the distinction between the camera and the viewer is emphasized. Moreover, the sadistic components inherent in the pleasurable exercise of the controlling gaze are returned to the viewer, as it is he/she who must construct the scenario by combining a reading of the image with an imagined (but suggested) series of happenings off-screen. – Paul Willemen