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LUXPLAYER charges a ‘digital rental fee’ which means that you can stream the film on any platform for a 48 hour period. 50% of the hire fee you pay goes directly to the artist, 10% goes to the service provider and the remainder goes towards supporting the care and management of the LUX Collection.

Vimeo on Demand now accepts payments in British pounds, dollars and euros.

LUX is a not-for profit company and charity which supports and promotes artists working with the moving image, it also represents the LUX Collection, Europe’s largest collection of film and video works made by artists. see lux.org.uk to find out more about our work, you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Technical information

The Vimeo On Demand player displays videos in HD by default. If you are on a slower internet connection, please consider setting the video to play in SD quality by clicking the ‘HD’ button in the playbar.

This month’s video can be rented using the ‘purchase from…’ button on the top right hand of the video player. You will be taken to a form which requires you to sign up to Vimeo and make your payment. Paypal, debit and credit card payments are all accepted. On completion of the form you will be returned to the video where you can watch it in full for a period of 48 hours.

The video can be accessed from this site, and it is also available directly at Vimeo on Demand.

Please note that on smaller devices held in portrait mode, it is a good idea to rotate your screen for best results.