LUX offers regular free one-on-one advice sessions for UK artists working with the moving image who are no longer in full-time education. These are informal sessions with LUX staff aimed at developing a wide-ranging dialogue around your practice and can involve any or all of the following areas:

– Looking at and discussing your work

Advice on developing your practice and looking at other works that may be interesting in relation to this

– Advice on exhibition possibilities, appropriate organisations and events to approach

– Self-promotion advice

– Funding advice

– Production advice

Sessions usually last for 45 minutes, you are welcomed to bring work to look at (although we would advise to not bring too much) plus written material such as practice descriptions. At the end of the session we’ll ask you to fill in a short evaluation form so we can monitor how useful the sessions are.

NB Priority will be given to those that have not had a LUX advice session in the past 12 months. Please do not book unless you are sure you can make it.

Future sessions will be advertised on the LUXNEWSWIRE


Why are the number of sessions so limited?

It is important to us that LUX is an open organisation that is accessible to everyone, however we are a very small team and do not have the resources to meet as many people as we would like, so we usually limit these open meetings to one day per month in London, we also try to organise a day in another UK region every month (see below for more information on this). Advice sessions are always oversubscribed, but we are trying to be as fair and see as many people as we can.

How do I book a session?

We announce sessions at the beginning of each month on the LUX monthly Newswire – a link will direct you to the booking page.

Why is there no waiting list?

We tried this before and quickly built up a list stretching over the next 12 months – this meant the meetings lacked immediacy and after a couple of months people forgot about them and we had a high rate of drop-outs.

How are sessions organised outside of London?

These sessions are usually organised in partnership with other organisations and groups, often in tandem with a talk or a screening. If you would like LUX to come to your region and do a day of advice sessions/ studio visits please get in touch, we usually ask that you just cover our costs (travel and accommodation if needed). Upcoming sesssions are advertised on the LUXnewswire and through the partner organisations.

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