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The Seddon Tapes – Volume 1

Captain Maurice Seddon




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When Maurice left Datchet Cottage, his home of fifty years, he left behind vast amounts of material, including hundreds of cassette recordings of his phone calls. After he was taken into a care home the local council set about emptying his house and grounds, prior to demolishing the buildings. The majority of these cassettes were strewn across the floor gathering dust and destined for a skip.

As executor of his will I was able to gather up as many of these cassettes as I could store, which resulted in numerous broadcasts on wavelength (my radio show on Resonance 104.4fm), and consequently the ‘Seddon Tapes’ as the became know, formed a 24 hour marathon broadcast commissioned by Ed Baxter.

William English

Numbered edition of 500 copies. Includes 8 page 12″ booklet.



1. May I explain my situation 10:43

2. Ich möchte lieber die Finger davon lassen (4:20)

3. A sopping sponge (2:16)

4. Assaulted physically by hooligans (1:26)

5. My dear Cecilia (8:08)

6. Physical jerks (1:41)

7. Please turn over (0:39)


8. Dutch TV boy and the sword (5:53)

9. I’d better introduce myself (11:01)

10. The dental practice in Langley (6:24)

11. My name is Seddon (3:53)

12. Das Pfeifgeräusch (3:35)