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Subjects and Sequences

Margaret Tait



Paperback, 60 pages

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Subjects and Sequences is one of Margaret Tait’s self-published poetry books. This is a rare, out-of-print ‘interim edition’. The book collects dozens of Tait’s poems, spanning the 1950s, a few of which first appeared in The Orkney Herald and The Voice of Scotland.

LUX has a small number of copies of this and other rare Tait poetry volumes, to complement the recent Subjects & Sequences: A Margaret Tait Reader (also available through the shop). Please note, all copies are in excellent condition but have some slight yellowing of their pages due to age. All copies will be sent by registered post.



You are a bird and you chant through my life

Cool as instinct

You are my childhood

Thyme tincture and coppersmith

Lustless Red flowers on the bare

Pale white tree where the egrets were

Tree that before leaves came had

Large red flowers


No! Silk-cotton tree

For when the fruit fell after the leaves formed

Flaming flowers had ripened soft seed-down

Secure and essential

Useful for the honey-sucker’s nest

The tree the flowers the song

Were there before continue now I absent

Coincidences punctuate

Slur and stress our separate activities