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Louyre: This Our Still Life

Andrew Kötting

Badbloodandsibyl / 2011


Contributors: Iain Sinclair, Format: PAL, ISBN: 978-0-9568733-0-9

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Louyre: This Our Still Life is a Bookwork, which contains drawings by Eden and Andrew Kötting as well as prose and a DVD portrait of their tumbledown Pyrenean abode. The Bookwork also includes an Outroduction by Iain Sinclair and an essay about the film by John Roseveare. Themes of Still-Life, isolation and the animistic nature of the great out-of-doors are explored. With music by Scanner and a plethora of cut-ups and voices from the family archive the work exudes a sense of melancholia, nostalgia and placefulness.

Available as a limited signed edition of 200 – a must-have for any of those Kötting Interessants.

“With his warm, intimate and remarkably expansive new place and person portrait Louyre – This Our Still Life, Andrew Kötting seeks to claim for the ‘home movie’ the same aesthetically invigorating and philosophically enquiring status that the established ‘road movie’ genre occupies. That he succeeds so movingly in this is testament to his profound engagement with the subjects of his exploration. Kötting understands instinctively that, in these unsettling and transformative times, the local in both heart and hearth needs to be radically re-imagined as the prime locus of our needs and search for belonging. By translating the source co-ordinates of his emotional life into a narrative of resonance and reach to audiences far beyond immediate familiarity, he tells the enduring tales of weather, topography, architecture, family and their attendant loves – time embodied in both land and the actions it holds – with a lightness of touch that digs deep indeed.” – Gareth Evans, writer and curator www.artevents.info