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OFFSHORE (gallivant)

Andrew Kötting

Badbloodandsibyl / 2006


Format: PAL, 20

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“This was a very curious voyage. This was a real ship of fools somewhere between England and France with one off element, because on a ship of fools all the fools stay with the ship and in this case they all jump over board. It’s as if they’re abandoning the only thing that could keep them alive. A very strange business, and when they’re in the sea they try to swallow it, and when they’re back on the ship they regurgitate endlessly, it’s as if speech bubbles had turned into dirty water.” Ian Sinclair

10 years ago I made a film called Gallivant that took as its inspiration the coastline of Great Britain. This September, I will make a new film that takes as its inspiration a Channel light vessel called Gallivant. It will travel along side me as I attempt to swim the English Channel as part of a family relay team.

Sounds and images from the original film will invade Offshore as both mnemonic and catalyst, littering it like the flotsam and jetsam that we will be swimming through to get to the other side. I will be assisted in this endeavour by the words of Iain Sinclair and the presence of my daughter Eden.

Andrew Kötting
Mark Kötting
Joey Kötting
Ian Dale
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Andrew Kötting
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