Afterimage (no. 10) – Myths of Total Cinema


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Afterimage is a seminal UK film magazine which was published between 1970-1987. Issue no. 10 explores the contributions of Bazin and Ruiz to the, as Metz describes, “the discourse of the object” and “the discourse about the object”.

Myths of Total Cinema by Ian Christie
The Emergence of Epstein by Andre S.Labarthe
Bonjour Cinema and other writings by Jean Epstein including: Rhythm and Montage, The Lens Itself, On Certain Characteristics of Photognie, The Photogenic Element, Abel Gance, Art of Incidence, Some Notes on Poe and Images Endowed with Life, The Spirit of Slow Motion, Approaches to Truth, L’Or des mers (Translation by Tom Milne)
On Reading Epstein on Photognie by Paul Willemen
The Music of Time: from Napolon to New Babylon by Bernard Eisenschitz
Kostrowitzky’s Kinema by Paul Hammond
Exile and Cunning: Raul Ruiz by Ian Christie
Great Events and Ordinary People by Malcolm Coad
Snakes and Ladders: television Games by Ian Christie
Object Relations in the Cinema by Raul Ruiz
Image, Memory, Death: Imaginary Dialogues by Raul Ruiz
Between Institutes – interview with Raul Ruiz
Ruiz Filmography

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