Afterimage (Issues 5, 7 -12) 1974-1987

Artist / Author: Simon Field, Guy L’Eclair, Michael O’Pray, Peter Sainsbury, Noel Burch,
Paperback, set of 6
Year: 1974 – 1987
Publisher: Afterimage Publishing, London

In stock

LUX Shop is very happy to be able to offer five sets of Issues 5, 7 – 12 of the seminal UK film magazine AFTERIMAGE  which was published between 1970-1987.

AFTERIMAGE was founded in 1970. It was kick-started with funds and encouragement from the film-maker Peter Whitehead. It was a time of numerous small – and radical – film magazines, often emerging, like AFTERIMAGE, from universities. Others included CINEMA, CINEMANTICS, CINIM and CINEMA RISING. Nearly all reacted against what was seen as the conservative positions of SIGHT AND SOUND and MOVIE with positions on radical politics and radical aesthetics and the new independent and underground cinema; positions that were explored in the founding issues of AFTERIMAGE.

This set includes:

Afterimage (no. 5) – Aesthetics/ Ideology/ Cinema

Afterimage (no.7) – Hearing : Seeing

Afterimage (no. 8/9) – Beginning… and beginning again

Afterimage (no. 10) – Myths of Total Cinema

Afterimage (no. 11): Sighting Snow

Afterimage (no. 12) – Derek Jarman: Of Angels and Apocalypse




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