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Chinese Characters

Richard Fung

20 minutes 50 seconds

“Richard Fung’s Chinese Characters weaves together storytelling, documentary interviews, archival footage, dramatic structure, and video chroma-key to explore the relationship between gay East Asian men and gay white male pornography. Fung sits in as the talking head for interviews of others to call attention to his own role as producer of the tape and the choices he makes in the editing room. In other parts of the tape, images of an Asian man rubbing himself with explicit gay porn keyed in to the background deconstruct the traditional codes through which sexual imagery is consumed. According to Fung, the tape was made in response to the feminist debates around pornography that eclipsed issues – specifically racial issues – raised by gay male pornography. This tape is thoughtful and provocative and pushes new frontiers for documentary as well as experimental forms.” (“Remodelling Asian Media” by Lloyd Wong, Afterimage, May 1991)