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Dagmar Schürrer

3 minutes 48 seconds

The narrator in the moving image work GALAXY (2020) is technology itself. The story is generated by an algorithm and offers an interpretation of an encounter of love and disappointment. Small deviations in the language and the narrative logic reveal our social imprint of how stories are expected to be told and how technology is programmed to follow these perceptions. The mise en scéne is a computer-generated galaxy of objects and images reminiscent of the organic, but dismembered and fragmented, reflecting on the possibility of creating new worlds and stories in digital space by following a subjective system of ordering.

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Only In Sanctuary Could Transformation Be Envisioned

Taina Cruz

2 minutes 49 seconds

Scenes of sanctuary and territories of healing are important in physical and digital space. Using CGI animation, Only in Sanctuary Can Transformation Be Envisioned (2019) plays with body and space as they are figured through colonial structures of power and oppression. The web inherently reinforces western ideals, and continues the erasure of Black and Indigenous knowledge on a terrain that performs neutrality. Only in Sanctuary Can Transformation Be Envisioned (2019) is an exploration of the potential that virtual space has to be a place of decolonisation and healing.

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5 minutes

Vajinatajutsu (2020) is a ritual, an invitation to swallow every particle, smell, sense of your own being, identity without filtering it.’ A multilayered audiovisual piece interweaving sound, 3D scans and 2D layers to create a hauntingly tender and deeply visceral digital landscape. Fundamentally rooted in the body, it combines reworked recordings of muscle tension, blood flow, breath and sounds captured from a microphone inside Bora’s throat and 3D scans of externalised “inner postures” that physically present internal dispositions. These render us intimate witnesses to her internal world. She makes her body, its organs and textures, rhythms and tensions palpable. Finding beauty in distortion, Vajinatajutsu (2020) presents a “Digital Humanism”.

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Speaking Through Plastic (Preview)

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

2 minutes 31 seconds

Speaking Through Plastic (2020) is a game that follows the quarantining of Black Trans bodies after all Black Trans people in history have been resurrected. It is seen as a pandemic, and whilst they are interrogated behind closed doors protest rage outside in defence of their freedom. There are those that are willing to risk their own lives for the future of others.

Danielle Braithwait-Shirley will present a walkthrough of their interactive game in OUT of TOUCH Part 3. Check back for more details on the website.