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A Part of Me

Carl Callam

SD video, colour, sound

‘In this work, a young British black man observes how his white foster family and his biological Jamaican mother squirm when questioned about the cultural and racial complexities of his life. Interviewing his foster mother and aunt in person, and his biological mother on the phone, the artist upsets the delicate propriety of these relationships, in both cases unveiling unspoken intentions and decisions that have shaped his life.’ Maria Troy. Wexner Centre for the Arts

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Looking for the Moon

Moira Sweeney

16mm transferred to HD video, B&W, silent

Tentative gestures of hands and body become symbolic of opposing emotions involved in closeness to one person, trust – the need to escape. Actions merge into one continual unresolved movement. – M.S.

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Getting Stronger Every Day

Miranda July

SD video, colour, sound
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Trick or Drink

Vanalyne Green

SD video, colour, sound

Trick or Drink is an experimental essay about how alcoholism in the family perpetuates addictive behavior. Green takes aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, such as “Hi, my name is…” to create the basis of a disjointed narrative about a young woman growing up. The work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY, among other art galleries, universities and museums, and has been used regularly by hospitals and alcohol treatment centers throughout the United States.

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Early Years

Morgan Quaintance

HD video, colour, sound

Early Years is a portrait of Jamaican-born artistic polymath Barbara Samuels. It features an account of her first generation, diasporic experience in London, and her discovery of the liberatory possibilities for self-actualisation offered by an early entry into creative life.