Country: Spain, United Kingdom

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Duration & details: 9 hours 34 minutes
Price & hire time: ( £4, $5, €5 )

Ecology is a feature film in three parts, three characters and three stories to be screened in any order: the stories of a mother, a daughter and a son, on holiday in Majorca. This is not the Majorca of package holidays but a writer’s retreat, a location solar powered and environmentally responsible. Delivered as three internal monologues narrated as voice-over, we are caught in the rhythms of an urgent repetition of events past and scraps of imagined dialogue directed at but never spoken to an other. Appearing to reference a debate on the ethics of the environment, Ecology innovatively turns the idea towards the ethics of psychic recycling, the debris passed on and re-circulated among people. Yet its power resides in the ability to pull us into each character’s internal world, to invite our complicity with each point of view – and then in moving on, to show us the error of our ways.’

Ecology is composed of three sequences that are designed to be screened in any order. There are, therefore, six possible viewing permutations for the work. Viewers are invited to choose which version of the sequence progression they’d like to view – and then, revisit the work as many times as they’d like, to see how the experience of the narrative shifts when viewing in another sequence order.

Version 1: SHE / YOU / I

Version 2: I / SHE / YOU

Version 3: YOU/ I / SHE

Version 4: SHE / I / YOU

Version 5: YOU / SHE / I

Version 6: I / YOU / SHE

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