April 17, 2020

LUX is working with curatorial agency HERVISIONS founder Zaiba Jabbar to help us critically reflect on the radical shift to the digital space as a primary site for cultural production and consumption during the COVID-19 lockdown. Over the next couple of months HERVISIONS will be curating a programme of online commissions, events, discussions and performances reflecting on the idea of touch and its digital analogues in the post-touch world.

In the absence of physical connections how can screen-based dialogues remediate the lack of touching? How do we stay in touch when we are out of touch? How can we navigate the unwanted touch of the State through the autonomy of touching in new ways? When can we touch? how do we desire to touch?

HERVISIONS will present an evolving online curatorial proposition featuring a femme-focussed dialogue in response to the current COVID-19 situation. Resulting in a diverse programme of artistic practices that perform across the numerous digital platforms where we are currently connecting with each other.

OUT OF TOUCH seeks to understand new vocabularies of touch when all we have is the digital space. Considering how isolation has accelerated our digital vocabulary and what a meaningful language of touch might be beyond the physical.

HERVISIONS was founded by award-winning director Zaiba Jabbar in 2015 as a multidisciplinary femme focussed digital curatorial agency and studio. Working across new and emergent technologies and platforms HERVISIONS proudly showcases work created by underrepresented creatives from non-binary, POC, LGBTQ+ and female points of view. With over a decade of experience, her curatorial practice is an investigation into how people in the margins are using technology to create art outside of traditional contexts and making space for themselves in the new digital environment. Jabbar was curator in residence at LUX in 2018 is part of the Camden Arts Centre Peer Forum 2020 and is currently a board member of Abandon Normal Devices.

Recent exhibitions, partners and collaborations include, Art Night, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, i-D x Chanel, Google Arts and Culture, BFI, Gossamer Fog, The London College of Fashion, isthisit?, Mira Festival, and The Mosaic Room.

Out of touch, out of time and out of our minds..

Two widely blossomed flowers on the left in contrast to a dark background. The subtitle writes, let's not disclose our identities.
I told you he was never really gone, Léa Porré, 2019.


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