Workshop: Staging Theatricality in Mundanities by Serena Huang

14 May, 2022
– 14 May, 2022

The workshop explores the theatrical moment between humans, objects, and everyday life. Revisiting our relationship with our environment, and objects, participants are encouraged to find different ways of interacting with the found objects, space, light and time.

The artist and workshop participants will look at the relationship between seemingly irrelevant things, and stage the coincidental moments which activate the theatricality in our everyday life. Through a series of presentations and micro-tasks, participants will produce a 2-5min performance in groups of 3-4.

Serena Huang is a 2020 RCA Contemporary Art Practice graduate. Her interest lies in moving image, sound and performance, and she embeds herself in increasingly ambiguous timelines through continually archiving and re-contextualising her own works. She was recently awarded Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 Prize.

*Note: Participants don’t need any prior experience of performance. The workshop will involve movement around the space of LUX and Waterlow Park.


This workshop is part of Grace Ndiritu – An Absolute River (11 May – 16 Jul 2022), curated by students from the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme as part of the Graduate Projects 2022, Royal College of Art, in partnership with LUX.


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