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Termite Workshop: Vegetal logic and the ecology of images – with George Clark

Fri 16 Jun 2017 / 10am - 6pm

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre
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This one-day workshop led by artist and curator George Clark explores and develops key aspects of his practice, while drawing on the environment of Waterlow Park (where LUX is based). Participants will explore methods of filming and working with sound and image by drawing on the logics of gardening and the archeology of images. The day will consist of screenings, readings and practical projects, featuring the writings and works of figures such as Raul Ruiz, Hugo Santiago, Chen Chieh-jen, Hito Steyerl, Trinh T. Minh Ha and The Office of Culture and Design in Manila, amongst others.

Using the idea of Manny Farber’s Termite Art, participants will look at connections across art forms and geographies to collapse established histories and definitions of artistic and curatorial work, seeking a mode of entangled practice. The day will explore strategies of assemblage, disregarding the boundaries between disciplines; ways of working at the intersection of histories and cultures, to develop an entangled mode of production in dialogue with the ecology of images and expanded exhibition contexts.

Lunch is provided.

Herbarium no. 10908, Polanisia icosandra, collector Kobayashi Takiya Kawakami, 15 Aug 1907, Green Island, Taitung County, Taiwan

About George Clark

George Clark is an artist and curator. Recent work includes the feature film A Distant Echo (2016) that explores myth, history and ecology in the desert and short film Sea of Clouds / 雲海(2016) which is structured around interview with artist Chen Chieh-jen. His solo exhibition A Planter’s Art featured a new body of moving image works installed alongside a specially grown garden in Taiwan (June-July 2016). He has curated projects for museums, galleries, cinemas and festivals focused on expanding the histories of film and video practice globally. Through his work at Tate Modern (2013-2015), and in independent projects, he has curated retrospectives of Ute Aurand, Julian Dashper, Lav Diaz, Camille Henrot, Luis Ospina, Chick Strand and thematic exhibitions on Japanese Expanded Cinema (with Julian Ross and Go Hirasawa), L.A. Rebellion and Infermental, the first magazine on videocassette (with Dan Kidner and James Richards) among other projects.