Suzannah Pettigrew: Safety Glass
An interactive, real-time script development performance

21 October, 2018
– 21 October, 2018
2pm – 4pm
Waterlow Park Centre
Visual by George Jasper Stone.

Safety Glass is an interactive performance exploring relationships in online and offline spaces. This builds on Suzannah Pettigrew’s romantic drama script of the same name, initiated during Hervisions’ commissioned online GDPR party (watch the live-stream here).

The afternoon will evolve through a real-time script development performance, including video installation and poetry exchange. Throughout, the audience are encouraged to direct-message text for the script, which may be weaved in and projected back into space.
The script follows a series of exchanges between characters OUTPUT and INPUT, who exist in an imagined private space online. The audience becomes a spectator on their first date, taking place inside their direct messages, where they go to an e-restaurant and eat emojis for dinner. By dismantling the rhetoric and expectation of gender roles, the work attempts to redefine how we might navigate contemporary relationships; exploring the compatibility of online and offline language, the rules of social hierarchy in digital spaces and our constant data exchange.
The afternoon’s performance will be accompanied a video installation from artist George Jasper Stone, and a soundscape by musical project cktrl. The performance will conclude with a poetry exchange between Pettigrew and poet James Massiah.
Commissioned by Hervisions.


performance @suz_p @suzannahpettigrew + video installation @georgejasperstone + soundscape @cktrl
performance restarts @suz_p @suzannahpettigrew + video installation @georgejasperstone + soundscape @cktrl
poetry exchange @jamesmassiah

This event will be live-streamed by thisistomorrow. Watch the video below.

Suzannah Pettigrew a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Pettigrew’s practice explores the collective / singular experience and exchange between online / offline realities in post-human society. Adapting a multitude of mediums including video, performance, installation and mixed media to interrogate the systems, imagery and language used to communicate and receive information in our contemporary landscape. Selected shows: ‘Intrapsychic Crisis’ at Guest Projects, London (2018), ’Care Stranding’ at Vorspeil Festival, Berlin (2018), ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Re-assembled’ at Lewisham Art House, London (2017).

James Massiah is a poet & DJ from South London whose work explores ideas about sexuality mortality & ethics through performance writing & visual media. His latest project ‘Euthanasia Party/Twenty Seven’ is a series of poems about fate sex life & death from the perspective of a young determinist. He has been commissioned to produce work for the BBC & the Guardian as well as featuring in campaigns for Selfridges Loewe & Nike. He has performed readings of his work at the Tate Modern the Courtauld & the Houses of Parliament & been profiled in Vogue Dazed i-D & GQ.

George Jasper Stone is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. He works in content design, engaging in critical and aesthetic tactics that aim to undermine protocols of video and space. Instagram –  @georgejasperstone

cktrl is a musical project by Bradley Miller. Who is a electronic music producer, multi instrumentalist & DJ from Lewisham (south London). His work explores freedom and purpose through his musical output which ranges from minimal club tracks to layered textures with complex arrangements. He has also released reimagined R&B songs, with nuanced influences of grime and modern dancehall undertones. He has been commissioned to produce work for i-D magazine & the Guardian video series as well as composing music for a JD sports campaign for Adidas.

Zaiba Jabbar is an award-winning film director and moving image artist, as well as the founder of Hervisions, a multidisciplinary platform showcasing femme focused visual arts launched in 2016. With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, Zaiba has curated Hervisions exhibitions in LA and London, created a Hervisions visual podcast in collaboration with Specta and commissioned work for i-D’s Fifth Sense x Chanel platform. She is based in London and is currently Curator-in-Residence at LUX.


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