For our third Screening Room event we proudly present Lucy Clout’s recent film ZZZ (2020)
ZZZ (2020) is described by the artist as a ‘nocturnal work’. Within the video we hear a tired voice-over reading across her incomplete notes during the night. The voice-over moves back and forth between lucid and opaque speech, blending description, anecdote and fact into a looping disorientated monologue.
Language is just one material within the piece, no more significant than the ceramics or jewellery within the video: the spoken word is not proposed as any more articulate than those objects either. Language is under stress in ZZZ. The title sets up the tone of the video but is also used as a filler phrase by the voice-over to highlight places in her notes or memory that she needs to go back to.
Lucy Clout will be in discussion with Benjamin Cook, LUX Director and audience members on zoom after the screening.

Lucy Clout is a London based artist working primarily in video. Her practice examines the embodied experience of language, in particular minor-speech (disposable or insignificant), to think about sickness and pleasure. Lucy understands her works as kinds of ‘home movie’ — they are not essays or arguments but collages of tone, building upon deep histories of diaristic/subjective feminist film making.
Recent solo exhibitions include Humber Street Gallery 2020 and Cubitt Gallery 2019. She was the artist in residence for Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2018 and won the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella award in 2015.

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