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The Problem of Perspective: London

Sun 12 Feb 2017 / 2pm - 4pm

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre
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The Problem of Perspective is a series of screenings illuminating a distinctly northern perspective on the history of artists’ moving image in England. The project surveys an array of production strategies deployed by video artists and filmmakers across Yorkshire and the Humber, the North East and Cumbria from the ‘60s to the ’90s. This edition of the project combines films and videos by artists associated with LFMC and LVA, with works unearthed during the course of researching the project. Introduced by Pavilion, the screening will include work by John Jones & Claus Oldenburg, Simon Rolph, Leeds Animation Workshop (A Women’s Collective), Peter Samson, Stuart Marshall, Ian Breakwell, Janey Walklin, Richard Grayson, Kevin Atherton and Nick Cope.

Supported by Film Hub North, led by Showroom Workstation. Proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network.

Still from Video Trilogy by Simon Rolph, 1988, Sheffield.


Hanging a Picture, John Jones & Claus Oldenburg, 16mm on video, 1966, 18 min, silent

Observer’s Book of Memory, Kevin Atherton, video, 1971/2016, 4 min, sound

Go Through the Motions, Stuart Marshall, video, 1975, 8 min, sound

Graded Games, Peter Samson, 16mm, 1981, 12 min, sound

The News, Ian Breakwell, video, 1980, 12 min, sound

Three Real Things, Richard Grayson, video, 1982, 3 min, sound

Give us a Smile, Leeds Animation Workshop (A Women’s Collective), 16mm, 1983, 12 min, sound

Amen: Survive the Coming Hard Times, Nick Cope, video, 1984, 4 min, sound

The Video Trilogy, Simon Rolph, video, 1988, 10 min, sound

From A to D, Janey Walklin, 16mm on video, 1994, 6 min, sound

Three Pieces Performed at the Robert Self Gallery Newcastle 1976, Peter Todd, 2007