Hervisions presents: “Honey, I’m Data!” Online GDPR Data Party!

27 May, 2018
– 27 May, 2018
7pm – 8pm

This event was live-streamed, and recorded on 27 May 2018, 7pm. Watch it here.

Hervisions and Keiken invite you to join them for their online ‘Data Party’, a live-streamed discussion with performances, hosted and streamed on the LUX website.

You will be guided through the party by Keiken, Doreen A. Ríos and Tamar Clarke-Brown as they discuss the politics of data privacy, culture and identity. They will be joined by VIP guests and online performers Nati Cerutti, Nyne Derricott, H Y D R A, Cross Lucid (Sylwana Zybura and Tomas C. Toth), Sophie Mars, Suzannah Pettigrew and George Stone.
Following the enforcement of the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ law on 25/05/18, “Honey, I’m Data!” Online GDPR Data Party! is a celebration of our online identities and an exploration of what the future holds for them. Inside the space behind the screen, you transform into digital algorithms, you are no longer simply biological. You are documentation, an interpretation, a sheer sheet of self that multiplies, you create a culture that streams back into the organic world in ways we do not always understand. You are numbers and a universal language.
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See you online at the party!

“Honey, I’m Data!” GDPR Data Party! is the first event in a series of workshops and talks, commissioned by Hervisions at LUX.
The title “Honey, I’m Data!” derives from a speculative interactive RPG installation conceptualised by Keiken in 2016, in which players enter into a shifted reality where their Quantified Self (personal biometric data) alters a reactive environment.
More information coming soon.


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