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Film Talks Live: Cathy Rogers & Vicky Smith

Sun 28 Nov 2021 / 2pm-4pm

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 7JF
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To celebrate the publication of Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema edited by Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance LUX is hosting a series of live discussion events between filmmakers featured in the book. For the first event we are welcoming Cathy Rogers & Vicky Smith who will show a selection of their works followed by an in-person discussion where they will explore mutual interests of stasis, contact, tactility in filmmaking as well as attentiveness to the film strip as object.

At the moment this event is planned to take place in person at LUX but should the situation with the pandemic worsen then it will be moved online.

Cathy Rogers creates moving and static works using 8 and 16mm film. Her early edited in-camera super 8 films used the focal length of the lens to break down the distance between subject and camera exploring architectural structures, their static forms made into moving spatial representations.  Later works include super 8mm pinhole and 16mm camera-less films of moving trains, empty spaces and voids, 3-dimensional objects such as garden plants and recently a radiator.  The works are shown as installations, photographic objects and in programmed screenings. http://cathyrogers.co.uk

Once a painter, Vicky Smith went on to export processes of gesture, trace and action to cinema. After 10 years of making animated painted images of the body, she turned her practice toward direct and more immediate mark-making. These camera-less works were conceived variously as ‘contact’, ‘full body’ and ‘physical’ films. Now Vicky is exploring the potential of live action film to continue to engage aspects of tactility and proximity. Common to all of these works, filmic materiality is equated with the sensitive and fragile body. https://vickysmith.blog

Films showing will include:
Rosemary, Again and Again, Cathy Rogers
Radiator, Cathy Rogers
Not(a)part, Vicky Smith
Re:exposure, Vicky Smith

film still from Not (a) Part, by Vicky Smith, a close up negative image of a insect wing against a black background.
Image from Not (a) Part, Vicky Smith