Experimental Self-Portraits in the LUX collection

28 January, 2017
– 28 January, 2017
2pm – 5pm
Birkbeck Cinema
43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD
Guy Sherwin's Portrait with Parents, 1975.
Guy Sherwin's Portrait with Parents, 1975.

Muriel Tinel-Temple will present a selection of experimental self-portrait films drawn from the LUX collection. After the screening, Muriel Tinel-Temple (Self representation in Visual Culture) will be in conversation with LUX deputy director Maria Palacios Cruz.
Muriel Tinel-Temple is the author of Le Cinéaste au travail: autoportraits (The Filmmaker at work: self-portraits, Hermann, 2016) and is co-founder of the research group Self-Representation in Visual Culture along with Laura Busetta and Marlène Monteiro. The group has organised several screenings and other events at BIMI and is currently preparing an edited book of essays, The Self-Portrait in the Moving Image, for Peter Lang.


Portrait with Parents, 1974, Guy Sherwin, 3min, 16mm
Self-Portrait, Emina Kurtagic, 1977-78, 12min, 16mm
The Man with the Movie Camera, David Crosswaite, 1973, 9 min, 16mm
A Phrenological Self-Portrait, Marianne Heske, 1976, 10min, video
Relative Surfaces, 1974 David Hall, 8min video
Regression, John Smith, 1999, 17 min, video
Monolog, Laure Provost, 2009, 12min, video
Personal Cuts, Sanja Ivekovic, 1982, 4 min, video
Watching Paint Dry, Jo-Ann Kaplan, 2010, 17 min, video
[duration: 88 min]


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