Amplifying Archives: Listening Party

18 November, 2023
– 18 November, 2023
2pm – 4pm
Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 7JF
A bird's-eye view 3D rendering of a room, featuring heavy glitches. Despite the distortion, you can make out tables and shelves with folders arranged around the space
Photo taken from 3D scan of the former An Việt House taken in 2023 by Keren Kuenberg.

Join us in celebrating the launch of a new broadcast commission – Amplifying Archives, by artists Cường Minh Bá Phạm, Trà My Hickin, Koa Phạm, Stefan Nielsen, Nic Anette Miller, and Thierry Phung. 

Hear four new auditory essays that explore the role of sound in archives and shared heritage, accompanied with visual projection. The project invites you to listen to what lies just out of reach of hearing, what has been systematically unheard, and what lies waiting in silence. These works will expand upon the role of sound in connecting to the past in transnational-Vietnamese contexts. 

At 3 pm there will be a one-off, delineated/dearranged live presentation of the component parts of the broadcast commissions, by Cường Minh Bá Phạm, Trà My Hickin, and Thierry Phung

The Amplifying Archives commissions will then be available for listening in the gallery as well as accessible to online listeners via LUX website.

Commissioned by An Việt Archives, supported by the British Council as part of the UK/Vietnam Season 2023 and Hackney Archives, LUX, Nhà Sàn Collective, The Outpost, Á Space and the University of Westminster.


Cường Minh Bá Phạm works between / in / nearby / at the intersections of sound, community, and archives. He is interested in learning (and unlearning) our understandings of history, community, movement, family, sound, language, memory, and how they can inform, challenge, or be influenced by power, knowledge, and / or subjectivity. He is actively involved in the East & Southeast Asian communities in London, primarily working with local refugee and precarious communities. At the moment, he is working alongside a Steering Committee in setting up the An Việt Archives which consists of the largest known collection of documents, photos, and other objects relating to the British-Vietnamese experience. He sits on the management committee for Hackney Chinese Community Services, currently serving the local East and South East Asian community in the UK. Under the handle ‘Phambinho’ he also hosts a monthly show on NTS, an independent online radio platform. In which he, and occasional guests, attempts to reframe ‘Asia’ as a contested paradigm through the lenses of music and art. Alongside Breakwater Collective, he has just finished a four part art radio series, ‘Becoming Forest’ which posits mental wellbeing as a collective responsibility. With a focus on the detrimental impact of Covid-19 and the spike of anti-Asian racism upon the mental health of Southeast and East Asian diasporas, refugees, and precarious migrants in the UK. He has also appeared on BBC Asian Network, Netil Radio, Dublab,, DSTRACKTD, A:\files, Vinyl Factory, he has performed at Tate Modern and alongside collectives/labels Eastern Margins, Chinabot, Rumah Fest and Nhạc Gãy and has/had other projects with SOAS, AAA Radio, and East Asian Ticket Club x Royal Court, and Chisenhale Gallery.

Trà My Hickin works at the intersection of the arts and community wellbeing as both a community organiser and publisher. A firm believer in the transformative power of storytelling, she applies narrative approaches to social justice and community building projects. She works for Tilted Axis Press, an ongoing exploration into alternatives – to the hierarchisation of certain languages and forms, including forms of translation; to the monoculture of globalisation; to cultural, narrative, and visual stereotypes; to the commercialisation and celebrification of literature and literary translation. She uses an intersectional and people-centred approaches to working with Vietnamese and other ESEA migrant communities, which she brings to her work with the An Việt Archives, Southeast and East Asian Women’s Association (SEEAWA), the Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC), On Your Side (the UK’s first support and reporting service for ESEA communities), and various other human rights organisations. Having been awarded a fellowship from Better Engagement Between East and Southeast Asia (BEBESEA) she is editing and translating a collection of life stories from Vietnamese refugees and migrants in Hong Kong.

Thierry Phung is an artist, producer and videographer born in Montpellier, South of France and now based in London. He released music on Pan-Asian electronic label Eternal Dragonz, Vietnamese trailblazers Nhac Gãy, and made an EP ‘Children of the Apocalypse’ on Kelman Duran and Comic Ans’ label Scorpio Red. This one was made after a return from Vietnam in late 2019, through multiple lockdowns, up until the present day. Defined by its heavily textural atmospherics and cinematic composition, Children of the Apocalypse serves as an attempt to in ONY’s words: “soundtrack the video game I will never create and a reflection on my family history, what it means to be Vietnamese in the south of France.” He also has been crafting stories on his genre-bending NTS radio show. He mines whatever he finds to craft an immersive and strange musical environment. His shows are by turn dark, ethereal and uncanny, often all at once.

Stefan Khánh Nielsen has worked as an organiser and DJ at events in the UK, where he grew up, and Vietnam, where he now lives. He has also worked in soundtracking for theatre, with house music label These Things Take Time, as well as with Hip Hop collective MAU. His approach to music has always tried to prioritise diversity of genre in a way that focuses on bridging gaps between different influences and styles. Through his contributions in radio, such as with Hanoi Community Radio and the Lot, and at parties, such as with pioneering Nhạc Gãy, Stefan has explored psychedelic rock and new age alongside Vietnamese folk, Nhạc Vàng and V-Wave, among other forms of electronic music old and new. Stefan, with roots in Hải Phòng and Sài Gòn, now aims through his work with An Việt to answer questions of how we can learn about heritage through sound.

Koa Pham is an artist who is involved in different mediums such as drawing, sculpture, performance and design. His work prominently investigates the relationship between objects, humans and spaces, with an emphasis on how objects could put an agency on humans and influence their decision-making. After having graduated from BA and MA Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins in 2019, he co-founded ilco. The studio quickly received wide international press coverage, namely Architectural Digest Italy and US, Elle decor Spain, Indian Vogue, Design Milk and The observer. Their design into-form was featured by Dame Marva Griffin in Salone Satellite Milan Design Week and London Design Fair before getting selected by Editor at Large of Wallpaper magazine Henrietta Thompson for Harth. His Exhibition includes 95th Royal Scottish Academy Annual Show, The Foliage IV curated by Do Tuong Linh and Abhijan Toto and World Art Osaka-Painting Now Redux curarated by Mizuki Endo.

Nic Annette Miller (b. 1987, Utah) is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and teaching artist working at the intersection of education and access in American Sign Language (ASL) as well as using a variety of mediums to explore multicultural identities and connection to nature. For over a decade, Miller’s visual art practice has been based in drawing, woodcut printmaking, sculpture, public installations, photography, video, and movement. Her body of work relies on public installations and community engagement to bridge a connection to the environment and the natural world.


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