LUX is a partner in a number of academic research initiatives as well as PhD programmes with King’s College London and Reading University

The Professor Sir Richard Trainor PhD Scholarship

King’s College London / LUX 2015-2018

Project Title: Ecologies of Artists’ Moving Image Practice in the United Kingdom, 1966–2016
Supervisors: Dr. Erika Balsom (KCL), Dr. Michele Pierson (KCL) / Maria Palacios Cruz (LUX)

The current recipient of the Professor Sir Richard Trainor PhD Scholarship in collaboration with LUX is Kathryn Siegel.

Bio: Kathryn Siegel is a researcher and writer. She is a graduate of the MRes Art: Moving Image programme at Central Saint Martins and is currently working toward a PhD at King’s College London. She is supported in her research by LUX. Critical intersections between print culture, art and the moving image are an ongoing focus of her work.

Abstract: My current research project presents a history of writing and publishing related to experimental film and video in London between 1966-1980 and aims to conceptualize the role of print publications within this history. I look at magazines including Cinim, Cinemantics, Cinema Rising, Afterimage, Sight & Sound, Screen, Studio International, Shrew and Time Out, as well as exhibition catalogues and other key sources, approaching these as sites of a discourse wherein experimental moving image work was conceived in intimate connection with debates surrounding egalitarian politics, utopian and dystopian characterizations of technology, feminism, artistic labour, and interdisciplinarity versus medium-specificity in the arts. I also ask which modes of writing came to prominence and subsided during this time period, taking into consideration the marked turn toward theoretical writing with which this period is widely identified. I ask how and why these modes of writing manifested in different publications, drawing attention to the diverse array of print platforms and styles that were associated with experimental moving image culture at this time.

While my research is historical I write from the perspective of the present reflecting on a shift from print culture and its attendant modes of publicness to a present moment in which both publishing and moving image cultures have been reconfigured by digital technology. Likewise, I ask how the politics of a discourse deeply invested in theory can be approached from within a critical landscape now sometimes deemed to be post-theoretical.

PhD Studentship at University of Reading – Stephen Dwoskin: The artist as/and film maker

A collaborative practice-based PhD in collaboration with LUX beginning in October 2016

The current recipent of the PhD studentship is Philomène Hoël
Supervisors: Dr. Rachel Garfield (University of Reading) / Benjamin Cook (LUX)

Thesis title: “Is it your hand or is it my hand?”1
Examining the roles of subjectivity and control in Stephen Dwoskin’s work

This research will focus on the relationships that Dwoskin’s work established between the artist and his viewer. By using the camera as an extension of himself, Dwoskin activated a direct form of participation with his subject, with the e ect of immersing the viewer subjectively into his gaze. Dwoskin’s work has pro- voked and disturbed to such an extent that it has been accused of misogyny or pornography. Introducing the notion of perversion, I will look at the complex series of shifts and crises of identities and power that operate in the collective ̈act of looking ̈2 that Dwoskin set up within intimate exchanges between himself, the subject/s and the viewer.

Notes from Light Music (Lis Rhodes, 1975-77)
Notes from Light Music (Lis Rhodes, 1975-77)
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