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I would like to hire a work at short notice, will LUX be able to provide me with it in time?

  • In order to answer this question we need to know several details about your potential order. The most efficient way to obtain these from you is through our distribution request form
  • Please complete a request form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible

How do I preview work from the LUX collection?

  • Details on previewing can be found on the How-to-Order page, under ‘Viewing’
  • Please email distribution[at]lux.org.uk with some details on why you would like to watch works from the collection, and if necessary, which titles you’d like to see
  • If you have emailed these details already we’ll get back to you as soon as possible
  • On the website works highlighted ‘view online’ in green are already available to view via the subscription

I’ve just paid for a subscription, how do I log in?

  • Preview accounts are set up by LUX staff during office opening hours, so aren’t automatically activated once you have made payment via paypal. We aim to set up preview accounts within one working day of having received the paypal notification.
  • Your preview account will be made using your paypal email address unless you inform us, in advance of payment, of another email address you would like us to use

How much does it cost to hire a work from LUX?

  • Some works are individually priced by the artist but most are priced according to length
  • Please go to our How-to-Order page for details on standard screening and exhibition fees
  • A £20 handling fee is applied to all UK orders, a £25 handling fee is applied to all orders from outside the UK
  • We charge a £15 upload fee for digital file transfer
  • All prices exclude VAT (20%)

Is this work available?

  • If you have found the work in the LUX collection via our website and it is digital, it is very likely to be available to hire. This is because we can make multiple copies of digital files
  • If you would like to hire a print, please complete an online request form here . We will let you know, in the unlikely case, if the print is unavailable

How do I place an order?

  • You can place an order directly using our online request form here
  • Or if you would first like some details about the work you want to hire please go to our How-to-Order page for details on screening and exhibition hires, library purchases, image licensing, payment methods and formats
  • Due to the volume of orders we are dealing with we ask that you make all orders not less than 14 days before the screening/ 30 days before the exhibition date. While we will try and accommodate your request, if there is less time than the above timescales, we cannot guarantee this. Furthermore, we will need to add an additional £50 stress charge to assist with the extra staff time needed

How can I pay for my order?

  • If you would like to know about payment options before placing an order please go to our How-to-Order page, and select ‘Payment’
  • If you have already placed an order: payment details are included on your invoice. If you would like a payment acknowledgement, please email finance[at]lux.org.uk
  • You can pay by credit card, paypal and bank transfer

When will I receive my order?

We have a database which lists all upcoming jobs based on the information you provided via email and in your request form. So unless something has changed, please rest assured we are aware of what needs to be sent and when. We send notification with tracking details with each order sent. 

  • We aim to despatch orders approximately a fortnight before your screening date, so long as we have received payment and the signed booking form for the order
  • For exhibition loans, we aim to despatch orders approximately one month before your opening date, so long as we’ve received payment and your signed loan form
  • If you require your order sooner than the above time scales please let us know and for what reason, and we will do our best to assist. However, we cannot guarantee early despatch due to other orders
  • If you have not completed a distribution request from please do so here We require a written record of our orders, and the distribution request form is often the most efficient way to receive all the relevant details from you
  • If you have received a confirmation email, with invoice and screening agreement, please ensure your invoice is paid in full, and you have signed and returned the screening agreement to us. If you have not received a confirmation, please resend your email to us

How will I receive the digital file/s I ordered?

If ‘upload’ is noted on your invoice or screening agreement, you will receive the digital file via dropbox. If ‘hard drive’ is noted, we will send you the file on a drive via courier

How do I download a digital file?

  • We supply digital files through Dropbox. Please ensure to direct download the file by clicking “Download” in the top toolbar. Ensure your computer does not go into ‘sleep’ mode whilst downloading, as this may disrupt the download
  • Playing files within your browser can often cause difficulties in fully loading the video.
  • Please ensure to check the files fully at least 5 working days before your screening and inform LUX of any issues. You are responsible for checking the file in good time, LUX cannot be held responsible for issues if you do not do this and no refunds can be issued

I think there may be an issue with the video file, what should I do?

  • Please use quicktime or VLC to play the file. Both programmes can be downloaded from the internet and are free
  • Do not play from an external hard drive as this can result in skipping and will disrupt playback.  Video files should be copied to the hard drive of the computer you’re playing the file from, or to the brightsign or media player

How do I return my loan to LUX?

  • Please package the print/s or hard drive securely and return them to LUX:

Waterlow Park Centre

Dartmouth Park Hill


N19 5JF


Contact person: Distribution Manager

Tel: 0203 141 2961

  • LUX’s opening hours are 10 – 6pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on bank holidays
  • Please use a courier service
  • Do not return 16mm / 35mm prints by post, not even Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Service
  • You are welcome to collect or return the loan yourself
  • We are unable to let you know when your parcel arrives but we will get in touch with you if we don’t receive it

How do I get in touch with you about the LUX Shop?

Please email your enquiry to [email protected]