Call for Applications: (dis)chorus, LUX AAP Residency – LUX

An open call to participate in a residency exploring processes of language and communication organised by the LUX Associate Artists 2010/11

Each year, the participants of the LUX Associate Artists Programme run a group project. This year Fawzia Afifi, Ed Atkins, David Ferrando Giraut, Conal McStravick, Lucy Pawlak, Naheed Raza, Corin Sworn and Patrick Staff are devising a weeklong residency to collectively enquire into reflexive processes of language and communication.
By living and working together for a period of time with invited participants, the residency will utilise a number of experiments, strategies, workshops and games to negotiate a range of enquiries, including (but not restricted to): group dynamics; improvisation; communication strategies; interpretation; broadcast and interruption. Through these methods, we hope to make disappear conventional divisions between production and presentation with an aim to co-operatively examine a shared pool – coalescing our discontinuity into a chorus. The open call is aimed at those for whom this outline resonates and who feel that they would like to attend the residency.
Please include a description of your work (approx. 300 words), your interest in the residency (approx. 300 words) and examples of previous projects if relevant. Applicants are asked to contribute ideas and proposals for specific activities, discussions, performances or screenings, which may then be included in the residency programme. Successful applicants will be expected to participate as fully as possible in the project.
The residency will take place at Forest Lodge Farmhouse near Brecon, Wales from Friday 28 September – Friday 5 October 2012. Up to £50 of participants’ travel costs will be covered; however, we are asking that participants cover anything above and beyond this amount. All costs of food and accommodation will be covered thereafter.


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