Zoe Redman

Zoë Redman left London, the video art and performance world in 1990 with her two small children to live closer to nature in the south of France.

In the 1980s she exhibited widely in festivals her video art, installations and performances, including the ICA, the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Moving Images. Her work was concerned with finding a creative voice as a young feminist artist and mother. She was involved with London Video Arts and was a founder of the London Women’s Media Resource project. She taught at Hull, Sheffield and North East London Polytechnic film/video/performance/ sound.

From the 1990s she has also concentrated on painting, an exploration of landscape/self ; incorporating crushed rocks, coloured earths and natural materials found on long walks. These works are exhibited locally and in Paris and Zurich.

She collaborated on music videos with Gerard Zuchetto; Occitan composer/researcher, and in 2001 with Thierry Gomar, composer at National Theatre of Narbonne; live and filmed video projection. She presented a video installation at Street Level, Glasgow in April 2010 as part of the Glasgow Art Festival.

By continuing painting, making installations and videos she is evolving a creative poetic language to bring the two practices of painting/video in cohesion. The 108 DOORS is a result of this research. Its creative source comes from making a connection with Tibetan Buddhism and practicing meditation since 1994.

Works by Zoe Redman


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