Terry Flaxton

'Terry Flaxton has been an impassioned, indefatigable presence in British Independent Video for almost two decades. During this time he has assembled an impressive body of work encompassing powerful, polemical documentary (produced as a member of ground-breaking outfits Vida and Triplevision) and highly personal, poetic video art'. Steven Bode, Film and Video Umbrella

Since 1976 Terry flaxton has been creating moving image works. His first work, Opening Up, was made as a collaboration and began his initial enquiries into issues around the creation of moving-image artworks, documentary and the act of documentation and the creation of installations. Since then Terry has created and shown work around the world in various forms including single-screen, installation, cinema and television. Flaxton's latest work enquires into the nature of high resolution image making.


Works by Terry Flaxton

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