Nina Danino

Nina Danino uses her own voice in experimental film in a long term exploration of the subjective voice as a means of speaking the ‘feminine’ and as forms of self-inscription.  Her films are known for her use of the voice reciting her writing and literary texts which created elliptical narratives.  

In the trilogy of films 1990-1997 published in the DVD Rupture/Rapture/Jouissance she combines fast editing with speaking and wordless vocals to convey inexpressible emotional and ecstatic states. 

She has collaborated with vocalists in the compositions of her soundtracks.  With New York experimental vocalist Shelley Hirsch in  “Now I am yours” (1993), with Tuvan vocalist Sainkho Namtchylak and English soprano Catherine Bott in the sound track for Temenos (1997). Also included is the recorded music of Diamanda Galas.  Her  film Solitude (2022) includes original music including electronica by the musician Gagarin. 

The recent films are centred on iconicity, vocality, performance.  The voice is a material of emotional intensity, it conveys a jouissance of pain and sorrow. The voice is a signifier of the ‘feminine’ and the woman and as her own subjective inscription. 

Her work has been broadcast and is published on DVD and CD.

Visionary Landscapes, Black Dog Publishing (2005) is a monograph on her films also  “…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens” Mousse Publishing (2013) She has written on experimental film and was a member of the Undercut collective and co-editor of The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video, London (2002).  

Nina Danino is Reader in Fine Art at Goldsmith’s, London.

Nina Danino had recieved major awards from the Arts Council of England, British Film Institute, National Lottery, London Production Fund and Channel 4.

Listen here to a recording of Nina Danino in discussion with the writer Adrian Rifkin recorded at LUX to mark the launch of the new LUX DVD Rupture/Rapture/Jouissance: The Religious Trilogy 1990-1997.

Works by Nina Danino

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