Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld (1970) has been making abstract films and light installations since 1991, originally starting out from the idea of a visual music for the eye. He has been making most of his animated films with optical and mechanical setups, using the computer as a controller and composition machine in order to orchestrate the precise movements of optical components. His installation making grew out of the tools he developed to make his films, often inspired by the lesser frequented by-ways in the history of science and technology. His work so far has dealt with various forms of scanning, or with concepts related to the early history of optics and perspective. His interest in the spatial aspects of light triggered a shift away from the screen, towards more architectural and theatrical forms of work. At the moment he is becoming increasingly implicated in activities that resemble cybernetics, artificial life and robotic architecture.

His films have been shown worldwide in a broad range of festivals and venues for experimental, animated or otherwise short films. He has collaborated on many theatre projects, often with dance group Emio Greco | PC or music theatre ensemble De Veenfabriek. He has been putting together many programmes about the history of abstract animation and light art, culminating in the 9th edition of Sonic Acts: Sonic Light 2003. In 2004 he curated ‘4D in the Filmmuseum’ a large exhibition, series of screenings and lectures for the Dutch Filmmuseum. Since 2008 he is the head of the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy in The Hague.

Works by Joost Rekveld


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