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LUX is a proud member of the community of Waterlow Park in Highgate where it is based. Waterlow Park was given in trust by Sir Sydney Waterlow in 1889 to the people of London as a ‘garden for the gardenless’. The Waterlow Park Trust is held by Camden Council. A charity in its own right, the Trust is now directly supported by local stakeholders and the community with representatives serving as members of the Trust Advisory Group in which LUX participates. The Trust Advisory Group has a strategic role on behalf of the Trust on all aspects of park governance and planning.

LUX works with a broad network of like-minded organisations both in the UK and overseas to expand the reach of our work.

Common Practice
Common Practice, London is an advocacy group working for the recognition and fostering of the small-scale contemporary visual arts sector in London.

DINAMO – Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organisations
An international coalition for distribution organisations supporting and promoting artist’s moving images. Our goal is to share our common expertise in the areas of advocacy, exhibition, preservation and education.