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To celebrate the upcoming Filmaktion show at the Tate Modern Tanks (16-21 October 2012) we present William Raban's timelapse documentation of the Filmaktion performances at The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in 1973. There are also places still available for the Filmaktion Study Day with Lucy Reynolds on the 18th October.

More information on the Walker Art Gallery show from the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection:

Liverpool Daily Post, 22nd June 1973.

Beneath the heading 'Like You've Never Seen Before', the local journalist Doreen Tanner provides a rare perspective on the week of expanded film events at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Prior to the week Tanner interviewed some of the key organisers, mentioned as William Raban, David Crosswaite, Roger Hammond and Mike Dunford. This is the earliest appearance of the term Filmaktion. Tanner's article suggests a somewhat idealistic group of young film-makers who were keen to challenge accepted norms of cinematic production, attempting to achieve their aims through a loose and experimental configuration of film events and installations. Mike Dunford is quoted as saying, "[I] am having fun with it, but it is a very serious kind of fun".

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