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By Edited by Simon Payne
Pages: 64
Publication date: May 2016

Price: £8.00

Articles by: collective-iz; Maria Palacios Cruz on Beatrice Gibson and Laida Lertxundi; Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne on 'Assembly'; a film proposal by Sumugan Sivanesan; David Curtis on 'Film as Film' and collateral damage; Seth Pimlott on filming Chandigarh; Andrea Luka Zimmerman's manifesto 'Co-existence'; James Holcombe, Nathaniel Mann and Una McIlvenna on execution ballads; Cecile Chich on Maria Klonaris; Al Rees' last essay on Physical Optics; Stephen Connolly on Robert Todd; 

Artists' pages by: Edwin Mingard; Sophie Hoyle; Leah E.Millar; Rosalind Fowler; Gee Vaucher, Louise Colbourne and Jim Hobbs; Malcolm Le Grice; Ian Wiblin; Dan Brackenbury and Joe Gilmore