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By Edited by Mike Sperlinger with an afterword by Josephine Pryde
Pages: 352
Publisher: LUX
Publication date: 2016

Price: £22.00

Here Is Information. Mobilise. Selected writings by Ian White

Here Is Information. Mobilise collects key critical writings by artist and curator Ian  White (1971-2013), ranging from reviews and catalogue essays to entries from his blog Lives of Performers.

This volume brings together for the first time a selection of Ian White’s hugely influential writing on art and the moving image. It includes essays on animation and visual art, cinema’s relationship to conceptual art, and the idea of ‘liveness’ in performance and film, as well as texts on individual artists including Ruth Buchanan, Gabriel Byrne, Isa Genzken, Peter Gidal, Martin Gustavsson, Oliver Husain, Sharon Lockhart, Stuart Marshall, Yvonne Rainer, Jimmy Robert and David Wojnarowicz.



Inevitably Making Sense: An Introduction to the Writing of Ian White

by Mike Sperlinger 9

Film Art Life (Death, Sex, Social History): David Wojnarowicz 27

Jet-Packed Nomads: Mark Leckey, Nick Relph & Oliver Payne 33

Romantic, Beyond, Impossible and Heartbreaking:
An open response to Tilda Swinton’s 2002 Vertigo address ‘In the Spirit of Derek Jarman’ 37

Experimental Film Today 41

Palace Calls Crisis Summit 45

Yet But If But If But Then But Then: Peter Gidal 53

The Projected Object 57

I and I / 12 to 12: Notes on UtopiaLive 67

Occupation: Animation and the Visual Arts 73

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain: museums without walls, walls without corners and words with no edges 87

Camera Obscura 91
Intervention: Stuart Marshall 99
Feelings Are Facts: A Life, by Yvonne Rainer 109

One Script for 9 Scripts from a Nation at War 113

Art on Television 123

Kinomuseum 127

History is Written for Historical Reasons 145

Recording and Performing: Cinema as a Live Art/Becoming Object 151

Death, Life and Art(ifice): The Films of Sharon Lockhart 175 

‘As thin as they could be and as strong as they could be’:
Isa Genzken’s Chicago Drive and My Grandparents in the Bavarian Forest 167 

Hello/Goodbye Jack Smith/Berlin 189 Ecstatic Resistance, Jingle Bells 195 On Yvonne Rainer 201
The hole’s the thing... 207

Foyer 215

A Life, and Time: Alfred Leslie's letter to Frank O’Hara + Roland Barthes on Racine 223

Hinterhof 227

Inevitably Making Sense
(with Martin Gustavsson) 229

Time/Form(s)/Friendship (with Jimmy Robert) 243

Wishful Thinking: Morgan Fisher at the Ziegfeld Follies,
or, Oliver Husain and the Potential of Theatrical Excess 251

Performer, Audience, Mirror: Cinema, Theatre and the Idea of the Live 261

What is Material? 279
Statement for Appropriation and Dedication 291 In. Adequate. Time. (Prisons 1) 295
F R E E (Prisons 2) 299

Removing the Minus
First, Six or so People 317 Division 329
(I am) For the Birds 333

Afterword: Ways of Writing by Josephine Pryde 337

Bibliography 341 Acknowledgments 349