Collection / Works / Tory Stories - Parts 1 to 3 by Peter Savage

7 minutes B&W, 4:3, Sound
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Three short pieces are collected as Tory Stories: The Revival, Back After the Break and An Ugly Streak of Violence.

"Something from my overtly political phase. These pieces are of their time.

"The Revival uses material from an interview with Margaret Thatcher. It is a simple critique—using humour to make the point—on the way politicians and the media shape what we understand, to reinforce particular viewpoints.
"Back After the Break uses material mainly from television advertisments in which women are pre- sented as stereotypes. Again the way in which television images are used to promote a particular view of ‘acceptable roles’ is demonstrated, countered by the ‘Iron Lady’ who steadfastly refuses to listen....
"An Ugly Streak of Violence uses material from a chat show interview with Margaret Thatcher in which she is attempting to show her ‘softer side’. This interview was broadcast at the height of the miners’ strike and this segment is an attempt (with ridicule) to reveal the mechanisms at work when politicians manipulate their appearances to signal emotional resonances that are actually contrary to their actions.
"With the perspective of hindsight I came to see that any ‘system’ (political, religious, philosophical) that offers ‘solutions’ will simply exchange one prison for another. After 1984 I stopped making overtly political work and I ‘threw away’ several of the works I had previously made. Tory Stories was unearthed while sorting through old storage boxes and I felt it had a place in a historical context.
"The Revival was broadcast on Channel Four and Tory Stories as a trio, was shown internationally at various festivals." - P.S.