Collection / Works / Our Dreams by Mike Dunford

SD video, 1983-1985
7 minutes 25 seconds Colour, 4:3, Stereo
Available formats: Digibeta tape, DVD, SD digital file

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Shot in America but edited in the UK, this and NEW YORK STREETS formed a more politicised, agit-prop, kind of production, but closer to the cut ups and scratch video of London Video Arts of the time, and still with some emphasis on formal editing strategies and disruptive soundtracks of the earlier film work.

Our Dream is about the violence of the onslaught on democracy, the working class, nation states, and sovereignty that began with the years of Reagan in America and continues to this day. It was a dark time in history, echoed now in 2013. The sense of deep foreboding and future dread let up during the late 80’s bubble and boom, but has returned with the financial crash of 2008.