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Ultimate Le Grice: on researching the Malcolm Le Grice archive, by Mark Williams

New Zealand Film Archive programmer Mark Williams on researching over 45 years of Malcolm Le Grice's work

Posted on 5 Nov 2009 / Carry on reading

Video Art, England's Avant Garde, an interview with Sean Cubitt

LUX speaks to academic and writer Sean Cubitt about early video art in the UK

Posted on 20 Oct 2009 / Carry on reading

Paolo Gori on Germano Facetti

A reflection on the late designer by his friend and filmmaking collaborator

Posted on 29 Sep 2009 / Carry on reading

George Clark's selections from REWIND Artists' Video Project

Marking the release of REWIND + PLAY: An Anthology of Early British Video Art, George Clark takes a tour of the REWIND Project's online archive

Posted on 17 Sep 2009 / Carry on reading

Artist/curator Ian White's new Berlin blog: Crowd control

London-based artist and curator Ian White reports from Berlin, on closing 'the building', all-nude performance, difference and the first Freaky Queer Art Conference.

Posted on 10 Sep 2009 / Carry on reading

DVD Review: Treasures IV

Mark Webber reviews Treasures VI American Avant Garde Film 1947-1986

Posted on 27 May 2009 / Carry on reading

Cinema Out of Bounds

Mathilde Nardelli on the Tate Modern's recent Expanded Cinema conference

Posted on 12 May 2009 / Carry on reading