About LUX / FAQ

How can I find if a particular work is in LUX's collection?
The whole collection is listed in our online catalogue: http://lux.org.uk/collection/introduction. If there is an artist or a work you cannot find listed, just email us and if we do not hold it we will try to direct you to another source.

Can I view works from LUX's collection?
Yes, all the works in collection are available to view onsite at LUX's office in east London. Viewing costs £10 per hour for up to two hours and £5 an hour after that. Please note this service is often oversubscribed, so please give as much notice as possible when contacting us to arrange an appointment. A complete list of works is available in the online catalogue, but please note that not all works will be available to view at short notice. To book a viewing session please contact the Distribution Manager.

A selection of works is available to view online: http://lux.org.uk/collection/view-online/a-z/a

Can I buy a DVD of a particular work?
LUX mostly acts as a distributor for public screenings or exhibitions, but some works are available for individuals to purchase on DVD through our webshop: http://lux.org.uk/shop/introduction.

How do I order a film for a screening/exhibition?
There is some basic information on ordering here: http://lux.org.uk/collection/how-to-order. To check costs, availability etc of particular works please send us an email with the details of your event to our distribution email.

Can I submit my work for LUX's collection?
LUX currently does not accept unsolicited submissions. Unfortunately, simply because of the large existing collection and our limited resources, LUX is only able to take on a very small number of new UK-based artists every year, which it does through an acquisition panel which meets quarterly to make recommendations. However we try to offer a range of other opportunities for artists to interact with LUX and to show us their work, from monthly one-to-one meetings with artists to our Associate Artist Programme, all of which are announced in our monthly email newswire. The newswire also contains other useful information about upcoming festival submission deadlines, residency opportunities etc. To subscribe to the newswire see here: http://www.lux.org.uk/resources/subscribe

How can I discuss/ show my work to LUX?
Every month we have one day of free one-hour sessions for artists who are not currently in full time education to look at work and discuss professional development. The date of the sessions is always announced on the first day of the month in our monthly email newswire. Please note, sessions book out very quickly and are booked on a first-come first-served basis. Please see the One-on-One Advice page for more information.

Can I do an internship at LUX?
Yes, LUX regularly offers part-time internships (normally one or two days a week for three months) in a variety of roles. Internships are always advertised both in our monthly email newswire and in the jobs section of the website.

Does LUX have cameras/projectors to hire?
LUX does not currently have any film or exhibition equipment for hire.